Production Planning

You have a story to tell. We have a plan to make it happen.

Our Process

And not just a plan, a process. One which has been reinforced by Hollywood's best practices and refined with time.


Production Planning

We start by meeting with you personally and helping you find the style of video and new technologies to achieve your goals. With a deep understanding of the pitfalls and shortcuts, our team can save you money while increasing your production value. After our first meeting, we can provide you with a rough estimate of the cost of your production.



Every project, whether it is a corporate video, broadcast commercial or a feature film, starts with a script. The script is our plan in its most basic form. Your project will be scripted out so you can know exactly what will be produced and filmed. This will also allow us to create an accurate estimate of your production cost.

Storyboard Artist


While the script defines our plan, sometimes a storyboard is needed to really show how things will appear on the screen. For most animations and some video productions we will create a storyboard to describe your production in visual detail.

Video Budgets


With a plan, a script and sometimes a storyboard; we are now prepared to accurately budget your production. We will provide you with a contract which will include our script, storyboards and budget details. Any changes in the scope of the production and budget will be submitted to you for approval first. We typically require a fifty percent deposit to begin production.

Actors and Crew

Casting and Scheduling

We will carefully tailor the cast and crew to meet your specific production and budget needs. Our database of actors, artists and locations provides a huge selection of artists and production styles and allows us to make the right choice for your production. We will coordinate with your team to find the best time and place to shoot.

HD Video Production


Production is where we blend cinematography with multi-track sound recording to capture the raw elements required to build your video. On location or in the studio, we will provide the expertise, equipment and crew to shoot and record imagery and sound. With our careful planning, your production days will move like clockwork. We will take care of catering and provide the optimal environment to keep your production running on time and budget.

HD Post Production


Once production is complete, post production begins with choosing the best takes. We then color correct and edit them together with sound effects and music. A wide selection of professional voice artists will provide narration services. Music can be custom composed or licensed from a variety of stock music libraries. We will keep you in the loop by providing rough cuts which can be viewed in your personal project portal.

2D & 3D Animation

2D & 3D Animation

One thing that makes our production company unique is our animation capabilities. From hand drawn 2D style animation to motion captured 3D animation, we can handle it all. Looking for an animated character for your videos, or need to show the intricate workings of your new invention? We've got you covered!

Compositing & Visual Effects

Compositing and Visual Effects

Depending on the complexity of your production, certian elements may need to be blended or "composited" together for the final image. For example an actor shot on greenscreen will need a background composited behind them. A little Hollywood magic can help save your budget in production.

Mastering and Conform

Mastering and Conform

Once your project is approved and you are completely satisfied, we will provide the files an any format you request. We can also upload the files to your choice of television stations and media outlets.

Archive Video

Archival and Password Protected Access to your Files

Once your production is complete, you can access your files anytime from your password protected production download page. We will keep your project elements and original footage backed up and safe for future use, or provide a copy to you upon request.